Sunday, July 02, 2006

Be Prepared to Tell Your Story

Are you prepared to share your faith? Scripture says, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” 1 Peter 3:15 (NIV) This can be a scary thing to some of us. If you are like me, you may get all caught up in the details and preparation.

When I was a new believer I was excited about the change in my life and told anyone that stood still long enough. But as I grew in my faith I began to get wrapped up in how I shared my faith. I wanted to do it right. After all, this is an important thing; someone’s salvation could be at stake.

Now please understand, this is before I realized that nothing I could do would determine the outcome; but at the time it seemed a pretty heavy responsibility. So, I proceeded to get all of the methods available to sharing my faith. You know the type; stuff like the acrostic FAITH, and others. These are great tools. In fact I have one in my Bible for just-in-case (but don’t tell anyone).

Then one day I realized a fancy method or cool acrostic isn’t what’s going to attract someone’s interest in hearing about Jesus. What may attract someone’s interest is me sharing my story, my life change. People identify with real, sincere, from-the-heart stuff; not some sheet of paper with notes on it.

So next time you are given the opportunity to share your faith, do just that; share your faith. Tell your story. You might find that people are more interested to hear what you have to say.

And those are my words.

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